The Jacques Lecoq method teaches students how to use their bodies as a point of departure to make theatre.

The semester starts with the neutral mask to discover the possibilities of enhancing the presence of the performer by working on our instrument: the body. By masking the face with a neutral leather mask, we can focus on the body, the breath, the gaze and rise to the state of the mask. This enables students to break apart habits, small gestures that are not conscious and demands a level of energy that the stage requires.

The journey of the neutral mask happens in nature and by going through differents natural spaces, the body expresses all the different texture, rhythms found in those spaces.

Jacques Lecoq refers to it as the white page, where we will be able to write new stories, other than ours. The actor who understands simplicity, neutrality, breath will be able to create characters outside of themselves and therefore bring their imagination, their talent to discover new possibilities, new path to their register.