Lily Kind

Lily Kind is a choreographic artist, writer, teacher, and anthropologist. She is interested in play, listening, and power structures. This shows up in her teaching and practice of both Lindy Hop and David Zambrano’s Flying Low & Passing Through, as well as in her solo and group work, teaching, and Ragtag Empire, a jazz era enterprise she co-runs with Heather Houde. She has been commissioned by Sarasota Contemporary Dance Company (2015) and assisted two Guggenheim Fellows: Stephan Koplowitz (2008) and Raphael Xavier (2016). She was featured in Chelsea & Magda’s Shame Symposium (2016). She currently writes for Culturebot and Phindie. Writing accolades include the Art Blog/St. Claire Best Under 500 words (2017), a Dance Italia Writing Fellowship (2016), and a NY Times shout out. She teaches regularly at Yoga Movement Sanctuary, and provides support for Urban Movement Arts. She has guest taught at Princeton University, Temple University, and Goddard College. Her formal education goes: Concord Academy, Goucher College (BA 2009) Sarah Lawrence College, California Institute for the Arts, Headlong Performance Institute, and Goddard College (MFA 2019). Sometimes, working with childhood friend Adam Stone, she presents work as Pidgin. Critical of the Macro-Economy of dance & dance education in the US, Lily made dance exclusively in Baltimore from 2008-2015 as founder and director of the Effervescent Collective. In this capacity, she directed movement for projects with musicians Bosley, Dan Deacon, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Single Carrot Theater and many others. She also trained in black vernacular forms with Guardian Baltimore.            @thelilykind