Shavon Norris

Mindful Making

Shavon is an artist, educator, and facilitator. She uses movement along with text and sound and imagery to reveal and highlight the stories living in our bodies. Her work explores our relationship to our identities, our experiences, and to others. An examination and celebration of what we feel, think, and believe.  As an artist her work has been presented at venues including the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, PIFA, Temple University, the National Constitutional Center, Art Sanctuary, and at Joyce Soho. As a performer Shavon has worked with Silvana Cardell, Leah Stein, Merian Soto, Jumatatu Poe and Pig Iron Theatre Company. As an educator Shavon has taught over 5,000 students. She has worked locally and nationally with adults and children trained and untrained in performance. As a facilitator, Shavon focuses on creating a container that encourages individuals and the community to examine their learning and experience. For Shavon, all of the work is about finding ways to Light us up. Lift us up. And Shift what needs transforming. She loves all of what she does.