Jenna Horton

Jenna Horton, freelance performer and creator based in Philadelphia. She has collaborated with Annie Wilson, Team Sunshine, SwimPony, the Berserker Residents, Bearded Ladies, Lightning Rod Special, and Applied Mechanics. Her solo, Mounting Etna, directed by Mark McCloughan, was featured at JACK for B.I.P.A.F. in 2013.  She has acted with local companies including EgoPo, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Theatre Ariel, Inis Nua, and the IRC.  Outside of Philadelphia, credits include Chorus for Nature Theater of Oklahoma's Life and Times: Episode 2 and Ants and Paper Planet with Polyglot of Australia. She holds a BA in Performance Studies from Brown University, attended the Headlong Performance Institute in ‘09, and writes for thINKingDance.                @jbokid